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Where the road ends

our journey begins

People tend to think that true off-roading is practiced only in the USA and Australia.

Europe, in turn, is supposedly a land full of highways and bans, where SUVs are labelled as offroad vehicles. 4x4 car mod accessories are hard to get, and knowledge about tuning is a heavily-guarded secret known only to a handful of professionals.

We know this is not true.

We believe that modding 4x4 vehicles in Europe is something that should be accessible to everyone, that accessories from the furthest corners of the world should be available on the spot, and that expertise and passionate consulting should be at your fingertips.

That is why we founded Offroad Express – an ecosystem combining authorized distribution of 4x4 accessories of the largest global brands, education in modding and utilizing off-road vehicles, and a community of people fascinated with the world of off-roading.

Company History

Establishment of Offroad-Express

  • creation of online store
  • first delivery from the USA

2011 r.

2012 r.

Beginning of B2B Sales

  • first dealers
  • 40 m2 warehouse

Product Portfolio Expansion

  • visit to SEMA SHOW trade fair in Las Vegas
  • first 40“ container delivery

2013 r.

2014 r.

Development of Dealer Network in Europe

  • construction of a demo car
  • participation in 4x4 trade fairs in ten or more countries

New Company Departments

  • Product Department
  • Logistics Department

2015 r.

2016 r.

New Spaces

  • second office
  • additional 250 m2 warehouse

Over 300 Dealers

  • sales in 14 countries
  • participation in numerous 4x4 events

2017 r.

2018 r.

New Building

  • 180 m2 office
  • 850 m2 high-bay warehouse

Creation of Own OFD Brand

  • intensive work at the R&D and Marketing Departments
  • first product deliveries

2019 r.

2020 r.

Two New Offices

  • 500 m2 office in a class A office building
  • 2,000 m2 high-bay warehouse

Reorganization of Company Structures

  • ISO 9001-2015-10 certification
  • transformation to corporate structures

2021 r.

2022 r.

Intensive Technological Development

  • implementation of Customer Relationship Management
  • new website

Offroad Express in numbers


collaborating companies


satisfied customers


items sold


products in portfolio


We are growing at an astonishing pace and we continue to extend our coverage.

In the 10 years of the company’s operations, we have established collaboration with all the member states of the European Union, and with other countries such as:

  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • China
  • Malaysia
  • United Kingdom
  • Norway
  • Turkey
  • Tunisia

Our Team

The Offroad Express team consists of over 40 people and is still growing

Dział Obsługi Klienta

Customer Service Department

Dział Handlowy B2B

B2B Commercial Department

Dział Produktowy i R&D

Product and R&D Department

Dział Marketingu

Marketing Department

Dział E-commerce

E-Commerce Department

Dział IT

IT Department

Dział Logistyki i Łańcucha Dostaw

Logistics and Delivery Chain Department

Dział Magazynowy

Storage Department

Dział Księgowy i Administracyjny

Accounting and Administration Department

Dział Prawny

Legal Department


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