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How can i pay for order at Offroad Express store?

  1. "Payment in place" – at the time of the receipt of the ordered goods in our shop, located at the address: Kokotów 657 in Węgrzce Wielkie during working hours of the store

    1. in cash

    2. using the payment card terminal

  2. "Cash on delivery(COD)" – paid to the courier, on delivery or at the designated collection point by your carrier (by cash or credit card).

  3. "Traditional bank transfer" – traditional bank transfer you can pay with your bank account or via for example. postal order.

    1. regular bank transfer

    2. fast wire transfer money: if your bank account has that options(example sorbnet)

    3. Bank account numbers:

      Odział w Krakowie
      Al. Pokoju 1, 34-548 Kraków (dane rachunku bankowego)
      PL: 94 1240 5080 1111 0010 8876 3348 (payment in polish zloty - PLN)
      PL: 56 1240 5080 1978 0010 8876 3944 (payment in euro - EUR)
  4. On-line Payment (prepay) - Przelewy24 - select the fast payment using Przelewy24, will allow you to select any payment method and a quick way to pay off your purchases.

    1. credit card: VISA, VISA Mobile, Mastercard, JCB - 3D Secure (3DS)

    2. fast wire transfer money: the list of available banks is visible when ordering

    3. e-wallets: Google Pay, Apple Pay, MasterPass, Visa Mobile

    4. regular bank transfer: the screen will display the data for the transfer, with which you should complete the transfer form in your bank

    Details on the Przelewy24 can be found on the :

  1. On-line Payment - PayPal - choose payment by PayPal, and at the end of the order process you will be redirected directly to PayPal. If you are already a customer of PayPal, you can log in there using their user data and confirm the payment. If you are a new customer of PayPal, you can also log in as a guest user or create a new PayPal account, and then confirm the payment.

    Details on the PayPal can be found on the:


Do you charge additional fees, for example. for credit card payment?

We do not charge any additional fees for the selected method of payment.

How fast are you depositing your account?

It all depends on the chosen method of payment. At the latest we book the payment via a traditional transfer (even 2-3 days - foreign transfers up to 5 days), while the review of payment by credit card or a fast bank transfer usually takes a few dozen minutes.